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The Louisiana Smart Growth Summit is the premier interdisciplinary forum promoting dialogue focusing on resilience, livability, planning, design  infrastructure, development, placemaking, public transit, transportation, connectivity, policymaking and economic development.

Z Smith

Z Smith

Principal, Director of Sustainability & Building Performance, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

Z Smith has been involved in nationally published sustainability research and design for the past ten years. He has served as a Project Architect for carbon neutral, net-zero energy and net-zero water use buildings, and taught sustainable design courses at universities in the U.S. and Canada. With training and experience in the fields of architecture, physics, information technology, and renewable energy, Smith now serves as our studio’s Director of Sustainability & Building Performance. He integrates his broad range of skills in service of lowering the environmental footprint of each of our buildings, while continuing to help us deliver projects on time and on budget. He brings an approach of scientific rigor to green design in our studio’s wide array of community, educational, and institutional projects, and brings tremendous added value to our Clients through the reduction of energy consumption, and subsequently the reduction of energy bills.In addition to his Directorial role within our practice, Z is also a frequent public speaker on sustainable design issues, a member of the USGBC Louisiana Board of Directors, and an adjunct professor at the Tulane School of Architecture.