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The Louisiana Smart Growth Summit is the premier interdisciplinary forum promoting dialogue focusing on resilience, livability, planning, design  infrastructure, development, placemaking, public transit, transportation, connectivity, policymaking and economic development.

Kevin Krejci

Kevin Krejci

Deputy Director, Project Homecoming, Inc.

Kevin Krejci has worked with Project Homecoming, Inc., a non-profit housing developer in the New Orleans area, for 9 years as Construction Coordinator, Operations Director, and Deputy Director.  Kevin drove creation of Affordable Homeownership, Workforce Development, and Affordable Rental Programs.  Kevin began in 2006 to utilize his construction knowledge to lead volunteers in Katrina rebuilding.  His role has evolved away from the field into the office.  Kevin has structured federal funding in the forms of HOME, NSP2, CDBG, Section 4, and AmeriCorps funding and private funding together to help over 250 low and moderate income families find safe and affordable housing in the New Orleans area.


Kevin is a graduate from Marquette University with degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy.  He also holds an MBA from Tulane University, a graduate certificate in Construction Management from University of Washington, and is currently completing coursework for a Master of Finance from Tulane University.