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100 Lafayette St
Baton Rouge, LA, 70801
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The Louisiana Smart Growth Summit is the premier interdisciplinary forum promoting dialogue focusing on resilience, livability, planning, design  infrastructure, development, placemaking, public transit, transportation, connectivity, policymaking and economic development.

Exclusive Opportunities

Sponsorship for the 2016 Summit is now CLOSED. If you are an existing sponsor, please see below to complete payment.

Choose the exclusive opportunity that best fits your organization's needs and fill out the form to register your support. These sponsorships are limited and decided on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Stenhouse David at (225) 389-7193 or

Keynote reception sponsor

No longer available 


No longer available 

Special events SPONSOR ($5,000)

1 available / 4 waived registrations 
CPEX will coordinate a breakfast or dinner featuring one of your distinguished Summit speakers + up to 35 of your invited guests. 
Event topics: Coastal Policy, Transportation, Civic Leadership, Real Estate and Development 


1 available / 9 waived registrations Display your logo before the plenary session and have the opportunity for a representative to introduce the session.


No longer available

Lunch SPONSOR ($3,000)

1 available / 3 waived registrations
Introduce the lunch session and add your organization's promotional materials to the area where lunch is being served.

Refreshment SPONSOR ($1,500)

1 still available / 2 waived registrations
You can add promotional materials where attendees congregate throughout the day to enjoy a light snack or coffee.